Pixel Puke
An icky name for my graphics shop. Does it show that I don’t care for any of my creations that much from the name? ^^; (This has only survived the test of time because I enjoy making graphics, and the layout is awesome.)

Ars Open Forums
If you’re looking for me, this is where I hang out most of the day.

Adopt Me!
Here are the adoptions from my various other sites that have been since taken down. I couldn’t bear to part with them, so if you want to adopt one, go right ahead. They’re not that large of files, so there shouldn’t be any hotlinking going on; just make sure you link them back to my site.

Alucard von Mosquiton Professor Mosquiton, circa Master Mosquiton '99 Inaho in her bikini Inaho in a blue dress Inaho, circa Master Mosquiton '99 Inaho, circa the OVA Inaho in a red dress Inaho in her school uniform, circa Master Mosquiton '99 Inaho in nothing but a towel! Chamille Hono, circa Master Mosquiton '99 Powered-up Hono Yuki, circa Master Mosquiton '99 Powered-up Yuki Oogami the werewolf, from Master Mosquiton '99

Arisugawa Juri Takatsuki Shiori, the black rose duelist