So I haven’t posted in a great while, what’s it to ya? 😛

Here are the highlights:

  • Senior year! W00t
  • Too much to do, yarg!
  • Took the LSAT twice, got a 150 first time
  • Jamie gots a house
  • Figuring out Jamie’s present

That was interesting, wasn’t it? Anyway, it’s almost the end of the semester (finals are next week) and I need to figure out what to do for Christmas. Oh, Ni-chan, willst thou come up this year? ;_;

(P.S. It’s almost Hanukkah. Sara lubs Hanukkah. Gelt and latkes…. mmmm.)


Well, a lot of things have been going on that I’ve been meaning to post but never got around to. Bad Sa-chan!
Firstly, I got my hair cut and now it’s wai kawaii!!
Second, my phone’s bit the bullet a little more than half way through its service plan. How irritating, no? So I had to go buy a new one. Luckily, I managed to find it on the Nokia site for a LOT less. I bought the Nokia 6236i with a car charger there for $45 less than Verizon wanted for the two, too. It has an awesome camera phone, so I’ll probably start taking more pics to post on Facebook with it once I have it in my grubby little hands.

10:00? Fresh!

Ah, it’s one of those days where I’m bored and yet feeling adorable. Goodness knows why. Thanks to Jamie’s incessant prying I’m signed up for the September LSATs now, but now I have to start studying. ;_;

So anyway, today we decided to drive around aimlessly looking for a goof place to eat (again). We drove all the way to the new WalMart by Greensburg and found this awesome place called Smokey Bones – killer food. Afterward we went to get his oil change only to find that his dipstick broke. JOY. We went to the pet supplier store before jaunting off to get a replacement and bought some interesting food for the Tiggster, but he doesn’t seem to like it. *sigh*

New Layout

Wee! A new layout’s up! Doesn’t it make you want an apple? I know that’s what’s it’s doing to me…

Today at work I’ve gotten so many tickets for uploads it’s ridiculous. And most of them required me to actually edit pages. *sigh* Otherwise, this layout would have been finished a long time ago. Oh well, I guess I can’t compain seeing as I can play around with my site at work. –Speaking of work, I got a raise! $15.75/hour. Huzzah!
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Summer break blows

Well, finals are over and done with (as of last week) and I’m already bored. It’s awful. Today I got three tickets for uploads at work and the rest of the time, I shit you not, I was working on a layout. I’m not sure yet if I’ll make it the main page of Bakwo and/or the new blog layout. It’s apples and pocky! *drools*
I hope the bikini I ordered from JCPenney gets here in time for the car wash on Saturday…
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New TV, Steelers

So I bought a new TV and DVD player today, woot. Why? My VCR broke and I couldn’t connect my PS2 to my old TV because it was SO old it only had a coax input. Boo. I could have bought an adapter, but I decided that since the TV in my room technically was Chris’s and I’d probably be moving out in a year or so, it might make sense to get a TV of my own. Its reception is WAY better than the other TV, too, which is odd considering I used the same antenna. At least we can watch DVDs again, yay! (It’s actually bigger than the old one, too. It’s 20″. ^_^)

Yesterday Jamie and I were going to go with Matt to the Filly, but he’s broke until next week so it looks like it won’t be happening. *sigh* I got out a good wad of cash yesterday, too. Oh well, at least we got to go out with him to see Underworld Evolution. Great movie, by the way. ++
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Finals Blues

Yeesh. Today Jamie and I spent the entire morning (well, I guess it was only an hour) shoveling the driveway. There was so much packed snow and ice, I hurt myself. ;_; My car also made a funny smell when we let it warm up, I guess because I haven’t driven it in a while.
After the long, arduous task of shoveling we went to Max and Erma’s. We got all full, and when we got back Jamie and I crashed in my room for an hour. (AWWW…)

When we got up, the driveway was all covered again! GRRR!!! By a whole inch, too. So when Jamie was about to leave, I went out to shovel it again, and he helped me out. Meesa loves mah Jamie. Of course, it’s covered by another inch now, so I’m all pissed. I’m also trying to avoid studying for my finals. Woo.
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Okay, here’s what’s been happening lately: My mom is going on a trip next week to Canada for THE WHOLE WEEK. That’s kind of a mixed blessing in that she’ll be gone, so I’ll have to put up with Chris’s shit all week, but Jamie gets to sleep over more than normal. ^_^ So she decided that her laptop was too much of a burden to take with her, and told me that she was going to buy me one of my own (she made it sound more like she was taking her laptop with her, though). Regardless, I’m getting an HP pavillion that rivals Lee’s computer. Yeah, it kicks that much ass. I’ll post the specs in the extended post part.
Also now that I’ve taken on the 22 credits, I’m starting to feel the strain. Though, it’s not too bad. …yet. I have three oral presentations to give at the end of the semester, but I figure that it can’t be that much worse than last semesterm and I managed to pull through that one. Work is the biggest thing. See, they finally decided it was high time to give me actual things to do, which I agree with, but now I have no time for my homework. Ah well, such is the life of a starving college student, ne?
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Homework delay time: 10 minutes

Okay, yeah, I know, I should be doing my homework, yeah? Well, screw you, I don’t wanna. 😛 Actually, I’m only delaying because Jamie doesn’t get out of class until 7:15 anyway, so I have some free time. I have to write a letter for our English class having something to do with requesting a change with our credit history. Yay… *rolls eyes*

Oh, today I found out that you can take both the pre-internship class and the internship class itself consecutively, so I signed up for the whopping 6-credit class. Of course, that put me up to 22 credits (yowch!), and it was a late-add, so I have to pay fees for both the late-add AND each credit over 19 credits. Not quite sure how much it’s going to add up to, but I’m positive it’ll be no less than $500. At least I won’t get billed for the classes until next semester, so I’ll have time to build up some cash for it if my mom decides to be a pain and make me pay the extra.

Hopefully when I get home tonight the DVDs I ordered from Netflix will be there. I SO wanna watch some episodes of Lost tonight.
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