Hello, WordPress.

I finally got my old clunker of a site ported over to WordPress. I was holding out, mostly because I like being a special little snowflake, but my old blog software Nucleus CMS was officially discontinued last year so I kind of had to do something.

Luckily this also gives me some excuse to say I know WordPress beyond tinkering with it for other people, so yay! (I’m also super glad I know how to parse XML, because I had to port everything manually out of my SQL database and into the Worpress format. Yeek.)

New BaKwo, purge!

As you can plainly see, I switched to a new layout today. That is not all, though! I’m using a new blog software which should basically eliminate my spam problems (along with teaching me PHP). The various sections of the site have been dispersed throughout the blog, as I’ve decided to make the site only the blog; this means I’ve been purging a good bit of the previous sites.

That’s all fine, though, because starting soon (read: when I get time) BaKwo.net will start having some really interesting content! I’ll be reviewing things I come across, linking stuff I find interesting online, etc. It should make it a little less boring around here.
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ZOMG, Spammers!

Holy hell, my (rather inactive) blog has been molested with spam! My last post, before I edited it of course, had 11821 replies! I’ll check back more often, but if it happens again I’ll have to close comments. ;_;

I just finished Harry Potter, yay!

P.S. I know exactly what is bringing all of this spam my way, but I should not be forced to take down a link to MY PERSONAL SITE because it keeps getting molested. I could try and block IP addresses, but that would be pretty futile.