Well, I’m bored. At least I finally figured out why the laptop wasn’t getting internet connection. (Apparently there’s a button to make it receive wireless transmissions or not.) Tomorrow Jamie and I are gonna see Willy Wonka, and there are only 3 hours left until Stargate SG-1 starts! EEEEEEE!


Okay, so as you may or may not have noticed, the main BaKwo page is down (that’s why this page says BaKwo now). While I have an incredible amount of free time, I a: haven’t been investing enough of it into important things, and b: my inspiration is gone. So until one of these things remedies itself, or I get back in school, this page will remain the main one. Blah.
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Bad Sa-chan!

Bad Sa-chan! All forgetting to do this every week… Oh well, here’s the major updates: Jamie and I are still together, Ballroom Dance class kicks ass, and my calc teacher is a moron. Yeah, that about sums it up.
So anyway, I’m sitting here in the computer lab, trying to wake up so I read the stupid-ass MIS book for the test later today. You don’t know a boring book is until you actually read something trying to teach you the difference between an input and an output device. I also need to read the books for French class and do the paper on it. And THEN I need to start seriously working on my speech as it’s due for presentation in two weeks. (HECTIC!)
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Brain cheese

Grr! My friend’s girlfriend is really pushing my buttons! She’s up in the TV lounge right now playing with a tablet PC and acting like a 14-year-old teenybooper writing about Christian bands (“such-and-such rules”) and “I love Lee”s. It’s a pain in the ass. Especially when she won’t shutup about it to me. Do I look like someone who likes Christian pop? Or better yet, even if I were, would I not get annoyed after hearing you go on and on for three hours?! *sigh* Maybe I’m just a raging bitch, but I’m just irritated…


Blah, I’m bored. First off, I feel like ranting.
A: My friend has this new girlfriend who seems really intolerant of other cultures, and somehow that ticked me off today. I’m sorry for liking foreign things; I need to be a red-blooded American and say I hate anything that doesn’t have something to do with America and/or Christianity. Praise Jesus, screw the French; blah blah. (Not to mention the whole thing she was being intolerant over was freaking hilarious. I mean, Mexican rap – come on, it’s gold.)|*|B: My passport still hasn’t come yet! I mean, normally, I wouldn’t be worried (it is supposed to take 4-6 weeks, and I applied on October, 11) but Jamie already got his last Saturday! Grrr… And I need it to go on the French trip. ;_;
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Okay, this is odd… I went to go check out my potential schedule this morning, so I opened up an Excel file and went to work planning it out. I ended up with 13 creds (the bare minimum) for going Tuesday and Thursday, and seeing as I didn’t have the booklet from the registrar handy, I just did a search for IST classes, since I’m thinking about the IST minor. Lo and behold, 210 and 220 fit into my schedule quite nicely, but they’re on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Seeing as how sitting around for six hours three days a week doesn’t really excite me, I just decided to shrug it off. But after getting in an argument with my mom about not graduating on time (who the hell actually does graduate in 4 years?!), I feel the odd motivation to take the IST courses and get my license so I don’t have to sit around, waiting for her lazy ass to pick me up. Weird…
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Tests blah

Today was so lazy, I didn’t want to go to my first class at 3. I mean, I did, but I didn’t want to. The first thing I did all day was around 1, and I went with Jamie to pick up some forms for the French trip. In my 3 o’clock class, we had a quiz and a paper to do, so I guess it’s a good thing I went. (I understand! Booyah!) And in my 6 o’clock class, we had a test that wasn’t too hard, and I didn’t even read. It’s not giving me much incentive to read the assignments, much like our online class.. Ah well.
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So, I’m trying to set up my two friends, yay. I hope it all goes well, they seem to like each other. *squeal* However, it can be a real pain in the ass with all the “I’m too pansy to ask her out” and the “oh, we’re coming over to your house to watch a movie, but we don’t know when.” GAH! Ah well… It is kind of fun, but the frustration me is wanting me to keep match-making to a minimal. Some might say that’s a good thing…

I went bike riding with Jamie today, yay. ^^ Well, okay, I rode my bike, he ran. I’m so out of shape, though I won’t readily admit it. I wish I could go back to taking gymnastics, or at the very least yoga. (Jamie doesn’t seem very against the latter after seeing the hot girls going into the yoga center today. :P) That would be so much fun. I taught him all of the yoga positions I knew and he was loving it ’cause his back kept cracking, the freak.
On Friday we went to see The Village and then I forced Jamie to watch The Sixth Sense and Signs. I can’t believe he hadn’t seen either. Ah, and then last night we rented Cruel Intentions 3. The main characters were REALLY hot. Not as hot as Sebastian in the first one, but still REALLY hot.
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Uck, I feel so sick. I don’t know why, either. This morning I was sick from hunger, so much so that I was too weak to go get food. o.O;; But I just ate and I’m still not feeling well. *sigh* Maybe it has something with my crying last night… You don’t really need to know the details other than my mom yelled at me and seemed like she was gonna smack me again, and it really upset me… DRAMA!