New TV, Steelers

So I bought a new TV and DVD player today, woot. Why? My VCR broke and I couldn’t connect my PS2 to my old TV because it was SO old it only had a coax input. Boo. I could have bought an adapter, but I decided that since the TV in my room technically was Chris’s and I’d probably be moving out in a year or so, it might make sense to get a TV of my own. Its reception is WAY better than the other TV, too, which is odd considering I used the same antenna. At least we can watch DVDs again, yay! (It’s actually bigger than the old one, too. It’s 20″. ^_^)

Yesterday Jamie and I were going to go with Matt to the Filly, but he’s broke until next week so it looks like it won’t be happening. *sigh* I got out a good wad of cash yesterday, too. Oh well, at least we got to go out with him to see Underworld Evolution. Great movie, by the way. ++

The Steelers are going to the super bowl! Huzzah! I actually watched the game, and am currently watching the Seattle/Carolina game. I don’t think I really care about the outcome so much as it’s good background noise to do homework to. Speaking of which, I need to get on this B LOG homework…|*||*|It also looks like the main site’s not going to get updated for at least ten+ weeks (I still haven’t figure out what I’m going to do with it), as these 18 credits are killing me. It doesn’t help that McGinnis runs all his classes like they’re 400-level.