New TV, Steelers

So I bought a new TV and DVD player today, woot. Why? My VCR broke and I couldn’t connect my PS2 to my old TV because it was SO old it only had a coax input. Boo. I could have bought an adapter, but I decided that since the TV in my room technically was Chris’s and I’d probably be moving out in a year or so, it might make sense to get a TV of my own. Its reception is WAY better than the other TV, too, which is odd considering I used the same antenna. At least we can watch DVDs again, yay! (It’s actually bigger than the old one, too. It’s 20″. ^_^)

Yesterday Jamie and I were going to go with Matt to the Filly, but he’s broke until next week so it looks like it won’t be happening. *sigh* I got out a good wad of cash yesterday, too. Oh well, at least we got to go out with him to see Underworld Evolution. Great movie, by the way. ++
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