Finals Blues

Yeesh. Today Jamie and I spent the entire morning (well, I guess it was only an hour) shoveling the driveway. There was so much packed snow and ice, I hurt myself. ;_; My car also made a funny smell when we let it warm up, I guess because I haven’t driven it in a while.
After the long, arduous task of shoveling we went to Max and Erma’s. We got all full, and when we got back Jamie and I crashed in my room for an hour. (AWWW…)

When we got up, the driveway was all covered again! GRRR!!! By a whole inch, too. So when Jamie was about to leave, I went out to shovel it again, and he helped me out. Meesa loves mah Jamie. Of course, it’s covered by another inch now, so I’m all pissed. I’m also trying to avoid studying for my finals. Woo.

Jamie and my mom keep making fun of me for interchanging “paved” with “plow” and “shovel.” What’s so funny about “they haven’t paved the roads yet”?|*|Oh – “glumsy” is from “gloomy” and “clumsy”. I hit my head on the table at Max and Erma’s today after snuggling Jamie.