Okay, here’s what’s been happening lately: My mom is going on a trip next week to Canada for THE WHOLE WEEK. That’s kind of a mixed blessing in that she’ll be gone, so I’ll have to put up with Chris’s shit all week, but Jamie gets to sleep over more than normal. ^_^ So she decided that her laptop was too much of a burden to take with her, and told me that she was going to buy me one of my own (she made it sound more like she was taking her laptop with her, though). Regardless, I’m getting an HP pavillion that rivals Lee’s computer. Yeah, it kicks that much ass. I’ll post the specs in the extended post part.
Also now that I’ve taken on the 22 credits, I’m starting to feel the strain. Though, it’s not too bad. …yet. I have three oral presentations to give at the end of the semester, but I figure that it can’t be that much worse than last semesterm and I managed to pull through that one. Work is the biggest thing. See, they finally decided it was high time to give me actual things to do, which I agree with, but now I have no time for my homework. Ah well, such is the life of a starving college student, ne?
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