Homework delay time: 10 minutes

Okay, yeah, I know, I should be doing my homework, yeah? Well, screw you, I don’t wanna. 😛 Actually, I’m only delaying because Jamie doesn’t get out of class until 7:15 anyway, so I have some free time. I have to write a letter for our English class having something to do with requesting a change with our credit history. Yay… *rolls eyes*

Oh, today I found out that you can take both the pre-internship class and the internship class itself consecutively, so I signed up for the whopping 6-credit class. Of course, that put me up to 22 credits (yowch!), and it was a late-add, so I have to pay fees for both the late-add AND each credit over 19 credits. Not quite sure how much it’s going to add up to, but I’m positive it’ll be no less than $500. At least I won’t get billed for the classes until next semester, so I’ll have time to build up some cash for it if my mom decides to be a pain and make me pay the extra.

Hopefully when I get home tonight the DVDs I ordered from Netflix will be there. I SO wanna watch some episodes of Lost tonight.

Oh, painting is being annoying. The painting I’m working on is nice and turning out well, but there are SO many leaves (or silhouettes of leaves, rather) that need to be painted black with a high level of detail. I wanna use a Sharpie. ;_;

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