Playing with The Sims

Well, nothing can top the excitement from yesterday (I still can’t believe it even happened), but my day was far below even a third of what it was. I mean, I sat home all day, as usual, and played The Sims 2. The height of my day was when I got two twins to make out, just because of its oddity. o.O
I’m thinking maybe I’ll have the boy and girl (the twins) be in love and woohoo for a while, then he’ll bring back a friend from school, and she’ll realize how confused she is and change to a lesbian. That would be entertaining… (Hoo BOY is she UGLY, by the way. Her mom, dad, and brother are all reasonably attractive, while she looks like a Disney villain. It’s quite sad.)

Tomorrow when Jamie comes over, and after my mom gets home, we’re going car-shopping, hooray! I’m not nearly as excited about getting my first/a brand new car as I probably should be. Wonder why…