I miss the sims…

Well, it’s sad, but ever since around 8, when I decided to take a night off from the Sims, I’ve been feeling a little bored/depressed. I would just give in and play it, but this is a matter of principle! Ah well…

Oh, Jamie FINALLY got me his pictures from France. I’d post a direct link, but they’ll be down by tomorrow. So, I decided to take the liberty of editing one myself in order to show off his first trip to the beach! Bwahahahaha…. Baby's First Beach

Playing with The Sims

Well, nothing can top the excitement from yesterday (I still can’t believe it even happened), but my day was far below even a third of what it was. I mean, I sat home all day, as usual, and played The Sims 2. The height of my day was when I got two twins to make out, just because of its oddity. o.O
I’m thinking maybe I’ll have the boy and girl (the twins) be in love and woohoo for a while, then he’ll bring back a friend from school, and she’ll realize how confused she is and change to a lesbian. That would be entertaining… (Hoo BOY is she UGLY, by the way. Her mom, dad, and brother are all reasonably attractive, while she looks like a Disney villain. It’s quite sad.)
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Happy Dance

Wowwie-kazzowie! (Talk about an outdated phrase, huh?) Nearly six months after I did my interview with US Steel, they called me back saying they had some openings for interns! *squeals* It’s in the programming department, so I’ll have to learn some new stuff, but who cares?! I gots a job and now I won’t have to hunt for an internship in the spring.

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