Bad Sa-chan!

Bad Sa-chan! All forgetting to do this every week… Oh well, here’s the major updates: Jamie and I are still together, Ballroom Dance class kicks ass, and my calc teacher is a moron. Yeah, that about sums it up.
So anyway, I’m sitting here in the computer lab, trying to wake up so I read the stupid-ass MIS book for the test later today. You don’t know a boring book is until you actually read something trying to teach you the difference between an input and an output device. I also need to read the books for French class and do the paper on it. And THEN I need to start seriously working on my speech as it’s due for presentation in two weeks. (HECTIC!)

Okay, so I didn’t do the best job of explaining – in our French class (the one required to go on the France trip) we have to read about a bajillion pages in books that poor people that haven’t taken a French class (suckers!) can’t figure out without looking up every other word.
And in Speech class I’m giving my first major speech on The French Revolution (I kill two birds with one stone, you see – French class and speech. ^_^).