Blah, I’m bored. First off, I feel like ranting.
A: My friend has this new girlfriend who seems really intolerant of other cultures, and somehow that ticked me off today. I’m sorry for liking foreign things; I need to be a red-blooded American and say I hate anything that doesn’t have something to do with America and/or Christianity. Praise Jesus, screw the French; blah blah. (Not to mention the whole thing she was being intolerant over was freaking hilarious. I mean, Mexican rap – come on, it’s gold.)|*|B: My passport still hasn’t come yet! I mean, normally, I wouldn’t be worried (it is supposed to take 4-6 weeks, and I applied on October, 11) but Jamie already got his last Saturday! Grrr… And I need it to go on the French trip. ;_;

Also, I’m hungry. My stupid mum is taking up the whole kitchen to make dinner for her coworkers.|*|Oh, an added rant, C: My friend’s girlfriend also is very adament about the whole abortion thing. And while I do agree that a lot of people get it just because they’re irresponsible, it doesn’t mean we should just abolish it. I mean, people are still gonna do it, they’re just gonna do it illegally or start using coat hangers again. Not to mention the thing my mom had that if she hadn’t gotten an abortion, she would have died. Yeah, abortions are partly responsible for my life; so excuse me for being a heathen and saying we should keep ’em around.