Brain cheese

Grr! My friend’s girlfriend is really pushing my buttons! She’s up in the TV lounge right now playing with a tablet PC and acting like a 14-year-old teenybooper writing about Christian bands (“such-and-such rules”) and “I love Lee”s. It’s a pain in the ass. Especially when she won’t shutup about it to me. Do I look like someone who likes Christian pop? Or better yet, even if I were, would I not get annoyed after hearing you go on and on for three hours?! *sigh* Maybe I’m just a raging bitch, but I’m just irritated…


Blah, I’m bored. First off, I feel like ranting.
A: My friend has this new girlfriend who seems really intolerant of other cultures, and somehow that ticked me off today. I’m sorry for liking foreign things; I need to be a red-blooded American and say I hate anything that doesn’t have something to do with America and/or Christianity. Praise Jesus, screw the French; blah blah. (Not to mention the whole thing she was being intolerant over was freaking hilarious. I mean, Mexican rap – come on, it’s gold.)|*|B: My passport still hasn’t come yet! I mean, normally, I wouldn’t be worried (it is supposed to take 4-6 weeks, and I applied on October, 11) but Jamie already got his last Saturday! Grrr… And I need it to go on the French trip. ;_;
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