Okay, this is odd… I went to go check out my potential schedule this morning, so I opened up an Excel file and went to work planning it out. I ended up with 13 creds (the bare minimum) for going Tuesday and Thursday, and seeing as I didn’t have the booklet from the registrar handy, I just did a search for IST classes, since I’m thinking about the IST minor. Lo and behold, 210 and 220 fit into my schedule quite nicely, but they’re on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Seeing as how sitting around for six hours three days a week doesn’t really excite me, I just decided to shrug it off. But after getting in an argument with my mom about not graduating on time (who the hell actually does graduate in 4 years?!), I feel the odd motivation to take the IST courses and get my license so I don’t have to sit around, waiting for her lazy ass to pick me up. Weird…

Weirder still, Jamie and I have been fighting about me not driving since before last Christmas. And only now have I got the motivation to go for it. o.O;