I went bike riding with Jamie today, yay. ^^ Well, okay, I rode my bike, he ran. I’m so out of shape, though I won’t readily admit it. I wish I could go back to taking gymnastics, or at the very least yoga. (Jamie doesn’t seem very against the latter after seeing the hot girls going into the yoga center today. :P) That would be so much fun. I taught him all of the yoga positions I knew and he was loving it ’cause his back kept cracking, the freak.
On Friday we went to see The Village and then I forced Jamie to watch The Sixth Sense and Signs. I can’t believe he hadn’t seen either. Ah, and then last night we rented Cruel Intentions 3. The main characters were REALLY hot. Not as hot as Sebastian in the first one, but still REALLY hot.
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Uck, I feel so sick. I don’t know why, either. This morning I was sick from hunger, so much so that I was too weak to go get food. o.O;; But I just ate and I’m still not feeling well. *sigh* Maybe it has something with my crying last night… You don’t really need to know the details other than my mom yelled at me and seemed like she was gonna smack me again, and it really upset me… DRAMA!