Bad Sara! I keep being too lazy to update… The odd thind is, though, that I’ll post at the board and look at it, like, every day. Well, at least I’m updating slowly but surely. I loves mah new bloggy layout. ^^
Anyway, Jamie’s and my anniversary is on Friday. Nine months, yay! I wuvvles the Jamie-meister. Actually, I’m waiting for him to come over right now.
Okay, time to calm down. There’re guys working on our street outside, though up until this morning all they were doing was ripping it up. I think they finally paved up to the driveway. We’ve had this six-foot pothole in between the driveway and the street ever since I was a little kid. So, yay to that. Oh yeah, I rented the new Transformers game for Jamie, and he liked it, but when I tried, I kept fricking shooting in the wrong direction. Ah well, at least I can get Shrek 2 when we go back to Blockbuster tonight. I’ve been wanting to play that for, like, ever.

There was a mosquito in here a little while ago, and it was, like, buzzing around my face and I had to squish it. Ewww…