Bad Sara

I’m so bad for forgetting to update again… Well, at least maybe this time around I’ll remember at least once a week or so. Anyway, yesterday Jamie, my daddy, and I all went to a Pirates game. Jamie was really excited ’cause it was dollar dog night. My fries cost $6.50. o.O;; The stupid Pirates were losing by the second inning, as per normal. But it was so funny because they actually managed to tie it up in the 7th, and everyone in the park had been not really been paying attention until then, but then they all started to perk up. And then they actually managed to win it in the bottom of the 9th. They haven’t won a game I’ve gone to since about 4 games ago (as in the ones I’ve gone to), which would have been around ’97.
When we got home Jamie had promised to sleep over ’cause it would be so late, but he didn’t have any work clothes here, so he had to leave. I naturally threw a hissy fit, but meh.
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I woke up around 4:45 and could NOT go back to sleep for the life of me. I wanted to, really. Poor Jamie had to get up for work at 6:00, too. So I ate some cereal and tried desperately to head back off into slumberland. After Jamie left, I sarted playing The Sims Bustin’ Out (which I rented yesterday when we returned Transformers) for hours on end. After I got bored of it, I started looking for rabbit care tips for Usagi-chan online, and tried out everything I had learned on her/him. I gave her a smallish carrot because my mom offered to give one up for her, and she ate the whole thing in just about 3 hours. Then I let her run out of the cage for a little bit with Tigger in the room, so I could supervise his behavior, and he was actually afraid of him/her everytime s/he got near! It was the cutest thing.
Then Jessie called and we went to the dollar theater to see Hellboy and Hidalgo. We went to Subways in between the two, and miraculously I managed to find something that I could semi-tolerate and not puke from. I also bought some silly string from the dollar store. Oh yeah… during Hidalgo, there were these kids in the back of the theater that kept clapping at EVERYTHING. Man, was it annoying. And after we got home (and after Jessie had watched the first episode of PGSM) I checked my voice mail and apparently Jamie had come over while I was gone, AWWW! I felt so bad, that even though it was late, I just had to call him. Luckily, he’s not too upset. Tomorrow’s our anniversary, yay!
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Bad Sara! I keep being too lazy to update… The odd thind is, though, that I’ll post at the board and look at it, like, every day. Well, at least I’m updating slowly but surely. I loves mah new bloggy layout. ^^
Anyway, Jamie’s and my anniversary is on Friday. Nine months, yay! I wuvvles the Jamie-meister. Actually, I’m waiting for him to come over right now.
Okay, time to calm down. There’re guys working on our street outside, though up until this morning all they were doing was ripping it up. I think they finally paved up to the driveway. We’ve had this six-foot pothole in between the driveway and the street ever since I was a little kid. So, yay to that. Oh yeah, I rented the new Transformers game for Jamie, and he liked it, but when I tried, I kept fricking shooting in the wrong direction. Ah well, at least I can get Shrek 2 when we go back to Blockbuster tonight. I’ve been wanting to play that for, like, ever.
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