What a hectic day

*sigh* Today was a mess, all over the place. First I went to my Bi-Sci class and got so bored I was about ready to kill myself, I swear. Then Jamie and I went home to my house to retrieve his watch and necklace that I had stupidly forgot to grab on my way out this morning. As we were leaving, I grabbed my pink sunglasses and put them on over my glasses. And then, not more than 30 seconds from my house, my glasses broke. So I had Jamie turn around and I put in my contacts. Then we got Burger King and I got all upset because my chicken tenders spilled out in the bag… Ah, I’m an emotional rollercoaster. ^^

P.S. I hate contacts!!!! …Oh yeah, that fingernail that was hanging off because of my broken finger… I pulled it off last night.