What a hectic day

*sigh* Today was a mess, all over the place. First I went to my Bi-Sci class and got so bored I was about ready to kill myself, I swear. Then Jamie and I went home to my house to retrieve his watch and necklace that I had stupidly forgot to grab on my way out this morning. As we were leaving, I grabbed my pink sunglasses and put them on over my glasses. And then, not more than 30 seconds from my house, my glasses broke. So I had Jamie turn around and I put in my contacts. Then we got Burger King and I got all upset because my chicken tenders spilled out in the bag… Ah, I’m an emotional rollercoaster. ^^

P.S. I hate contacts!!!! …Oh yeah, that fingernail that was hanging off because of my broken finger… I pulled it off last night.

Fast forward.

Jamie and I are still together (in two Sundays it’ll be our seven-month anniversary) and we’re still mad about each other. We have our snags now and then, and a lot has changed, but we still wuvvle each other. *giggle*
Like today… we got our tests in Bi-Sci back. I got a 44 out of 30, Jamie didn’t do so hot. He begged me not to tell anyone in the lounge, but leave it to me to pick that time during our conversation to not pay any attention. So stupid me just blurted it out and Jamie left in a huff. When he came back, we were discussing him, and Jamie out of the blue smacked me in the head with a newspaper. I started crying, he ran off upset again, and then I ran off. At first I went to go check my email, but then I wanted to go somewhere he wouldn’t be likely to find me, so I went to the library and hid behind the magazine stand. After he finally found me, we had a long talk, and eventually we worked it all out. We’re all better again, yay. ^^